About Michael Cooter

Michael Cooter, MSSW,LCSW,PLCC

Psychotherapist, Private Practice

I have now been practicing for approximately 20 years. I have come to understand that most clients are seeking relief from a myriad of life stressors. One of the main challenges is learning or acquiring the ability to manage oneself emotionally and cognitively. “Pain in life is inevitable – misery is optional”.

To quote Emily Dickinson, ” A problem shared is a problem halved”. Most clients benefit from having a space that is empathic and compassionate. I do not enable the client with sympathy or false compassion. Successful therapy is built upon formulating reality-based goals with the client. My objective is to support the client in achieving what they desire.
Personally, I understand the challenges in traversing major events, issues in life. After almost twenty years in the retail industry with progressive promotions from manager to executive buyer to district manager, I returned to graduate school. I “get” desiring change and the emotions and behavioral changes that must occur to realize your dreams and aspirations.

I am trained to address issues that are rooted in trauma, illicit mood-altering substances and behaviors. I have worked with and been trained by Pia Melody, Claudia Black, John Bradshaw, Patrick Carnes, Peter Levine and a host of others. I am an ardent fan of Brene Brown and her research regarding shame, vulnerability. I so admire her perspective to ” Dare Greatly”. I am a level II trained EMDR/AIP therapist. EMDR/AIP is an empirically proven treatment modality to help the client manage emotions, shift core beliefs, and effectively achieve behavioral changes.

I make a commitment to the client, if I am unable to support you in the changes you seek, we shall find a provider that can.